Republic of Congo

The Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) is an equatorial paradise.

One of Africa’s oldest parks, Odzala-Kokoua National Park is situated in the remote northern part of the Congo. It forms part of the Congo Basin, and is also a significant piece of the TRIDOM Transfrontier Park.

Odzala comprises numerous diverse habitats, from profuse primary forest and savannah to fertile rivers and forest bais and salines. A bias is a naturally occurring clearing in a forest area, home to countless endemic species. Mammal species frequent the bais in order to extract vital minerals and salts from the grasses and water.

Viewing at the bais takes place from raised platform hides, or miradors, and requires some patience. However, the bais at Odzala-Kokoua are relatively small, so there are good opportunities for close-up wildlife viewing as a reward for your patience! Look out for the diverse antelope species which live in this area; bongo, sitatunga, black-fronted duiker, Peters’ duiker and harnessed bushbuck. You may even be lucky enough to spot the reclusive forest duiker.

Odzala-Kokoua is also blessed with the highest number of diurnal primates in central Africa. Regular sightings of primates include guereza colobus and grey-cheeked mangabey, Agile mangabey, De Brazza’s monkey, Allen’s swamp monkey, crowned monkey, black and white colobus and putty-nosed monkey. A highlight of the Republic of Congo safari is the opportunity to trek into the forests which are home to the western lowland gorilla and chimpanzee.

Recently recognised as a full species, the forest elephant is also observed along the Lekoli River. The charismatic forest buffalo also call this area home. Night drives are a good opportunity to spot golden cat, spotted hyena and water chevrotain (mouse deer).

The Odzala experience is undertaken from two sensitively constructed camps that blend into this remote forest environment: Lango Camp, on the edge of the savannah and with access to the Lekoli and Mambili Rivers, and Ngaga Camp in the heart of a marantaceae forest.

Taking inspiration from local B’Aka Pygmy design, each camp is constructed from locally sourced materials such as sustainably harvested hardwoods, bamboo and raffia palm matting. Enjoy the Ngaga Camp where each of the guest rooms sits 3 metres above the forest floor, allowing true appreciation of the forest canopy.

Activities range from gorilla tracking (habituated groups), pirogue rides along lush river systems, game drives in the savannah, night drives, walks along lush forest streams and salines, and of course time spent at the productive forest bais.

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  • DAYS 1:

    Arrive Brazzaville where you will be met and transferred to your hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

    Your hotel is approx. 10 minutes from the airport, with eighteen comfortable rooms with modern décor, combining luxury and serenity. Facilities include a pool, fitness room and a terraced garden for an aperitif and meals.

    Enjoy your meal from the terraced garden and relax before tomorrow’s flight.

  • DAYS 2:

    After breakfast, take a small aircraft to M’Boko Airstrip from where you will be driven to your camp. You will have time to freshen up before embarking on a short afternoon activity, returning to camp for dinner.

    The camp is located in the South Central section of Odzala-Kokoua National Park, nestled in dense forest with each room overlooking the Lango Bai. A bai is a naturally occurring clearing in a forest, home to many unique and endemic species.

    The focus of activities is on the bais, salines, rivers and savannah. Walk through the forests and streams, bais and salines, take day and night game drives, boat on the Lekoli River in motorised pirogues, spot unique birds and fish on a catch-and-release basis.

    Explore the remote forests and discover unique flora and fauna.

  • DAYS 3:

    Enjoy a full day of activities, but with plenty of time to catch your breath in between game drives.

    Overnight in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park.

  • DAYS 4:

    Wake up early for a light breakfast and coffee before setting off on the morning activity. Today this may begin with a game drive to the boat jetty for a motorized pirogue trip down the River, returning to camp on foot through Lango Bai. A pirogue is dugout canoe frequently used by locals to navigate the waterways. Return to camp for an appetising brunch and some downtime before heading out again in the afternoon. That afternoon head back to the boat jetty and take a pirogue trip upstream for some fishing on a catch-and-release basis. Return to camp on a night drive and enjoy dinner at camp.

    Take a night game drive and watch the bush come alive with a host of nocturnal species.

  • DAYS 5:

    Road transfer to Ngaga Camp through savannah, forest and Mbomo Village. Receive a briefing on Western Lowland Gorillas including what to expect when tracking the habituated groups of the area. Depart on foot with guide and tracker for your first tracking activity to view the gorillas. Return to camp for brunch before spending the middle of the day at leisure. In the afternoon enjoy a walk on the forest trails in search of birds and mammals.

    Encounter the majestic Western Lowland gorilla.

  • DAYS 6:

    Set out again on foot for your second gorilla tracking excursion. Return to camp to freshen up and enjoy brunch and a siesta. Afternoon walk out on the forest trails in search of the birds and mammals of the area. Return to camp to enjoy a sundowner on the main deck followed by dinner.

    Enjoy a sundowner on the deck and take in the sights and smells of Africa.

  • DAYS 7:

    Another gorilla trek with our experienced guides. Return to the camp and enjoy a walk in the forest for your final game viewing opportunity.

    Take stock of the wonderful memories you have made and the fabulous wildlife you have witnessed.

  • DAYS 8:

    Another gorilla trek with our experienced guides. Return to the camp and enjoy a walk in the forest for your final game viewing opportunity.

    After breakfast depart for M’boko airstrip (a drive of 2.5 hours) for the charter flight back to Brazzaville, arriving in the afternoon. Connect to your onward flight.

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